Redefining Understanding


Sentiment Analytics

Use the power of machine learning to understand your server on a new level.

Brandonn Portals

Talk to people on other servers without having to invite them to your own first!

Server Setup Extraordinaire

Setup servers quickly and efficiently by copying server layouts and supported bots' settings.

Coming Soon.

Machine Learning Mastermind

For a long time, automatic moderation on Discord has largely been the same; reward or punish someone based on the explicit content of the messages they send.

But we wanted to build something bigger and better.

Brandonn utilises brilliant machine learning algorithms to understand you and your server in a way that is unmatched by any other bot.
He understands your commands just like any other member of your server, can help you setup your server just the way you like, and keep track of the mood and toxicity of your server - completely automatically!

Bots that utilise similar technologies to Brandonn have been around for a while, but always in the form of chatbots that don't server any functional purpose (unless you consider entertainment functional).

Brandonn applies this tech to a bot with actual features, allowing you to interact with him as if you were talking to any other member of your server - just remember to mention his name!

A Useful Chatbot

Not a Discount Dyno

Dyno is one of the best moderation bots out there, and there are too many knock-offs trying to best it at its own game.

So we created our own game.

Moderate your server (automatically!) based on the sentiment of your users. That means you can setup parameters so that you can punish negative members, reward positive ones, or temporarily shut down channels that have become home to heated arguments.