Before You Begin

Brandonn is a bot for Discord that utilises incredible Machine Learning (ML) tools to connect you with Discord in a way currently unmatched.

Things to Know

  • Brandonn does not send any data it keeps about you or other members in your server to Studio Ionic.
    The data is there for your server members only to access.
  • Features like Sentiment Analysis and Automatic Moderation can be toggled at any point.
  • While we make the best efforts to prevent such events, Studio Ionic is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur whilst using Brandonn's features, and as such are not legally liable.
    Use Brandonn at your own descretion.

Getting Help

You can find help about using Brandonn on this dashboard site.

You can find relevant legal information about Brandonn here.

Command Structure

Brandonn uses ML to understand your messages better than any other bot, so entering commands no longer feels like command line.

Talk to Brandonn as if you were asking a friend for something and you should get what you need.


You can summon Brandonn by placing his name in the message you want to direct to him, in any of these forms:

  • "Brandonn" or "Brandon",
  • @mentioning him, or
  • Using the nickname shown in your server

Hey Brandonn ...


The relevant tutorials here will still show commands that work to complete actions, and every command has specific keywords to meet to activate that command.
They are shown in a similar fashion to below:

Hey Brandonn, show me the sentiment analysis for this channel

Every sentence should have the subject (in this example it is sentiment analysis), an action (Show me), and any modifiers (this channel).

This structure will allow you to recieve answers.

Multiple Commands

Brandonn also supports multiple commands! Separate your commands into sentences, and Brandonn will respond to both.

Note that you only have to summon Brandonn in one sentence.