Before You Begin

Brandonn is a bot for Discord that utilises incredible Machine Learning (ML) tools to connect you with Discord in a way currently unmatched.

Things to Know

  • Brandonn does not send any data it keeps about you or other members in your server to Studio Ionic.
    The data is there for your server members only to access.
  • Features like Sentiment Analysis and Automatic Moderation can be toggled at any point.
  • While we make the best efforts to prevent such events, Studio Ionic is not responsible for any mishaps that may occur whilst using Brandonn's features, and as such are not legally liable.
    Use Brandonn at your own descretion.

Getting Help

You can find help about using Brandonn on this dashboard site.

You can find relevant legal information about Brandonn here.

About Commands

Brandonn uses sophisticated Machine Learning techniques to allow you to talk to him like you would any other member of your server, and he won't miss a beat.

New in v1.0

In v1.0, we introduced TITANIA message recognition, which allows Brandonn to understand you in brand new, powerful ways.
This means that command structure may have slightly updated since you were last here.

You can summon Brandonn by using his name, @mentioning him, or using a nickname you've given him.


TITANIA is a tailor-made system that allows Brandonn to understand you dynamically, even if you layout sentences just like you would to other people in your server. TITANIA is also capable of understanding multiple commands if you separate them into different sentences.

If you wanted to get the sentiment analysis for the channel you're within, just tell Brandonn!

Hey Brandonn, show me the sentiment analysis for this channel

He can understand most commands you send, regardless of how you lay them out.

How does he do this? Brandonn looks for keywords in your sentence, which in the example above is sentiment analysis and this channel. If you decided to substitute this channel for a channel mention like #general, Brandonn will run with it.

All of the examples on the Dashboard are laid out like above, so if you're ever stuck you can refer here to get started again.