About Portals

Brandonn's Portals allow you to communicate with people outside of your server through a linked channel, all without having to invite them to your own server!

It's a great way to see if you want to have more people on your server, or just hang out with new people.

Getting Started

To get started with sentiment tracking, open the Server Setup Wizard using:

Brandonn, open the server setup wizard

Before you can create a Portal, you will need to make sure your server has a default channel setup, and is has its online visbility turn on (see here for more information).

With that completed, find the unique ID of your server using:

Brandonn, create a Portal

This will return a copyable command string containing your server's unique ID.

Give this command line to a moderator in another server with Brandonn in it (and with the relevant options, of course) to run.

Once the command has been run, your server will recieve a message in its default channel with a request to create a Portal connection.
Accept this, and set a channel to be linked, and message away!

Best Practices

Because any messages sent in either linked channel will be instantly sent to the other, it is suggested to setup a dedicated channel to use.

This will mean you are less likely to send unintentional messages, or clog up an existing channel.

Removing Portals

To remove a Portal, use:

Brandonn, remove the portal

In the channel you wish to remove the Portal from.

This will ask for you to confirm this, then will disable the Portal and notify the other server.