What is Sentiment?

Sentiment is the mood or opinion that is expressed in most messages you send.

Brandonn can detect this, and simplifies it down to a percentage ranging from -100% to 100%, negative representing a negative sentiment, and postive representing positive.

Tracking this data can give you a huge insight into your server's performance and mood, allowing you to make decisions based on it.

Things to Know

  • This data is not necessarily an accurate representation of your server members, as this is a single number.
    As such, making major decisions based off of it is not advised.
  • Sentiment tracking & analysis can be disabled at any time by opening the Server Setup Wizard:

Brandonn, open the server setup wizard

  • Sentiment data is only available for server moderators to access by default, however you can configure this in the analytics dashboard.

About Privacy

We understand that this information could be used to infringe on your privacy.

We also know that sentences like that are generally made by things that are most likely to infringe on your privacy.

Brandonn does not do any of the following:

  • Use your data to send tracked advertising,
  • Store your data once you disable sentiment tracking,
  • Disclose any data to third-party organisations (except Heroku, our server providers).
  • Disclose any information to Studio Ionic without your express permission.
  • Or anything else shady.

As cliché as it sounds, we take your privacy seriously.

Getting Started

To get started with sentiment tracking, open the Server Setup Wizard using:

Brandonn, open the server setup wizard

Before you can enable sentiment tracking, you will need to make sure your server has a default channel setup (see here for more information).

Once you've done that, open the wizard again and react with 📈 to enable sentiment tracking.

You will need to wait for the first 5 hours to be tracked before you can view any of the data.

How Your Server Changes

Upon activating or changing tracking of any kind, Brandonn will make an announcement to your server's default channel containing a brief description of what is being tracked, and a link to our Privacy Policy.

This might seem obnoxious or unnecessary, but it is to ensure your members are aware of tracking and you are legally protected.

About Analysis

Raw data is useful to machines, but not as understandable for us.
That is why, alongside showing the raw data, Brandonn makes assumptions that might help you understand your data better.

Viewing in Discord

Brandonn, show me the sentiment data

This will show all sentiment data by member and by channels.

Brandonn, show me the sentiment data for [@member|#channel]

This will show all sentiment data by for the mentioned user or channel.

Viewing Online (Coming Soon)

  1. Go to Analytics Dashboard > Sentiment,
  2. If you haven't already, enable Sentiment Tracking,

Data available on the dasboard is more comprehensive.