Release v1.0

The intial release of Brandonn's primary features, with a few updates and quality of life changes.

Version 20w04a


  • Minor Updates:
    • Renamed Default Channels to a server's Announcement Channel and updated relevant descriptions.
    • Rebuilt embeds to improve wording consistency and visual quality.
    • Other minor updates to the website.
  • Sentiment Analysis Reworks:
    • Grouped the statistics and analysis differently for individual member and channel sentiment analysis differently to decrease wordiness.
    • Updated all-user and all-channel sentiment analysis embeds to show better visual hierarchy. Channels are now sorted by their categories, and members are now sorted by their topmost roles.
  • Introduced TITANIA Message Recognition:
    • Rebuilt the message recognition system to decrease complexity but increase usefulness.
    • TITANIA no longer splits messages by words' perceived word types as this was causing significant bugs, particularly around the word "help"
    • Now natively recognises Discord-specific classes like @mentions or #channels.

Beta v0.4

Introduced Portals and the Server Setup Wizard.

Version 20w03a


  • Introduced the Server Setup Wizard:
    • A concise location to show any options relating to a server.
  • Introduced Default Channels:
    • Default channels act as a place for Brandonn to send any announcements.
    • Servers will not have the default channel setup upon Brandonn joining.
    • Servers without default channels will not be able to track sentiment or turn on online visibility.
  • Introduced Online Visibility:
    • Online visibility allows servers to hide their presence from other servers.
    • Servers with online visibility turned off will not be able to create Portals
  • Introduced Portals:
    • Server moderators can open a Portal to another server, and any messages sent in the linked channel will instantly be sent to the other linked channel(s).
    • Portals require a server to have a default channel and be visible online.
  • Updates to Sentiment Tracking:
    • Brandonn will no longer DM users, but instead uses the server's default channel to post privacy announcements.
    • Sentiment tracking is not available to servers that do not have a default channel.

Beta v0.3

Major updates to in-Discord sentiment analysis

Version 20w02a


  • Updated the display of various sentiment analytics within Discord.
  • Minor updates to terminology.
  • Minor visual updates.
  • Updates to Sentiment Tracking:
    • Messages by bots and standardised bot commands will no longer be saved.
    • Messages containing nothing (images, embeds, etc.) will not be saved.

Beta v0.1

The initial beta release for Brandonn.

Version 20w01a


  • Introduced sentiment tracking & analysis.
  • Introduced the online dashboard (v1.0).